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Resurrection of Fukushima

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Let’s unite power of the young and experiences of seniors for Fukushima

Resurrection of Fukushima

We are a volunteer organization which aims at reconstruction of the lives and the industries in the area which were severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the atomic power plant accident of Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant. Among the disaster stricken areas we have been conducting activities with a central focus on Fukushima Prefecture.

We established a base of activities in Iitate village in June 2011 and are advancing various projects toward resurrection/reconstitution of the area, finding the best way with the afflicted people.

Major projects that are now under development are shown below.

  • Conducting thorough radiation measurements and drawing radiation dose survey maps
  • Decontamination demonstrating experiments in houses, agricultural lands and forests
  • Cares for the afflicted people by teams of professionals including medical doctors
  • Sending out the real lives in the area stricken by the atomic power plant accident through information communication technologies

The activities and their results of the projects are laid open to public inspection on the current website.

Our organization is operated based on funds from annual membership due (10,000 yen each member) and donation units in increments of 3,000 yen. Participants in the project activities are responsible for paying the expenditures including traffic expenses and accommodation expenses.

In order to further augment the activities we have applied for authentication as a specified nonprofit organization and are planning to start the activities as the nonprofit organization by June 2012. We are also preparing toward starting “supporting membership” for supporting our activities by an increment of 5,000 yen per year.

It is necessary to have ample measurement equipment for the radiation dose measurements and to develop various materials and apparatuses for performing decontamination experiments on the forests and agricultural lands. In order to outfit necessary equipment and facilities we need substantial funds. We accept with gratitude those who help us through donation and through applying for membership.

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