Principles for Implementing Projects

The Basic Rule for Starting and Implementing Projects

As the basic rule for establishing any project, it is the participants of the project who bring the ideas of the project and are responsible for implementing the project by coordinating with the administrative board and the bureau of Resurrection of Fukushima, as well as the village members and other participants.

Evaluation Standards of the Projects

Even when the projects are started out of good intentions, not all of them will be welcome. The projects should come under intense scrutiny from the aspects such as:

  • Who will benefit from the project?
  • Does the project ground itself in the region?
  • Is the project accepted by the residents of the region?

While one of our activity principles is “to co-operate with the devasted people,” the people of Iitate who are deprived of the base of their lives and are forced to evacuate cannot readily cooperate with us even in the activities toward reconstruction of the area.
If a project put further burden to the members of the village, then it is cart before the horse. One of the things we should avoid is to force our good will on the people of the village.

What to Start With?

What should you do if you would wish to make any suggestion for a new projecct? First, please participate in our activities to learn what is actually going on in the devastated areas through the activities and then please make suggestions for any project through the activities. Please also refer to the page explaining how to participate in our activities.